# Context Menu

modV exposes a context menu API.

@todo: re-think the context menu api. It's super clunky.

# Component Integration

# v-context-menu

To allow Context Menus on Components within modV, a directive needs to be applied.

The directive takes in an object to configure the Context Menu.

argument (object) type default info
args.match array undefined Array of hooks to match
args.menuItems array undefined Array of nwjs-menu-browser/MenuItem which are default to this component
  <div v-context-menu="menuOptions">
    <!-- ... -->

export default {
  name: 'someControl',
  data() {
    return {
      menuOptions: {
        match: ['rangeControl'],
        menuItems: [],

# Plugin Integration

See the MIDI Assignment (opens new window) and LFO (opens new window) Plugins for examples of Plugin integration.

# modV.addContextMenuHook()

argument (object) type default info
args.hook string undefined The menu hook to listen for when a right click event occurs
args.buildMenuItem function undefined Callback which should return nwjs-menu-browser/MenuItem


function buildMenuItem(moduleName, controlVariable, internal) {
  function click() {
    console.log('Menu item was clicked!');

  return new MenuItem({
    label: 'Click me :)',

  hook: 'rangeControl',