# Getting Started

The latest modV version can be found on our GitHub. We're currently working towards 2.0 status, with automatic release builds coming soon.

Until we have automatic release builds, you can clone the project and use npm to install the dependencies, then npm run dev to run modV in your Blink based browser.

# System Requirements

# Minimum

  • Mac, Windows or Linux (with desktop shell)
  • Node.js® (v9.0.0+)
  • ffmpeg (modV will prompt to install this if it isn't found)
  • NVIDIA or ATI graphics card
  • Intel i5 or better
  • 4GB+ RAM

# Starting modV for the first time

@todo make the Media Manager communicate to the user that ffmpeg is required through a GUI.

modV will create a media folder with a default project upon first run.

If running modV in the browser, you must allow modV to access your microphone, webcam and to create pop-up windows.