# Media Manager

Media Manager handles filesystem operations, such as saving Project and Preset data, serving Modules, Plugins, Palettes, Images, Videos and GIFs to modV.

It is a node.js application which runs in the background, which only runs when modV is running.

# Media Folder

The Media Folder is where the Media Manager will scan for your Project files.

# Location

# Mac

~/Library/Application\ Support/modV/media/

# Linux


# Windows


# Structure

The Media Manager's folder structure is important as it is how it keeps track of assets relating to your Projects.

Projects are the top-level folders, e.g. the default Project is at media/default/.

├─ default
│  ├─ image
│  │  ├─ cat.jpg
│  │  ├─ dog.png
│  │  └─ dance.gif
│  ├─ module
│  │  └─ Waveform.js
│  ├─ palette
│  │  └─ rainbow.json
│  ├─ plugin
│  │  └─ SlimUI.js
│  ├─ preset
│  │  └─ the matrix.json
│  └─ video
│  │  └─ youtube_rip.mp4
├─ customProject
└─ anotherProject

# Adding media

To add media to a Project, place an asset into a corresponding folder using your system's file browser.

For example, you can drag and drop an image into the image folder, or a Module into the module folder.

# GIF and Video processing

Videos and GIFs will automatically be processed by ffmpeg (opens new window) to make sure they can be used within modV - your original files will not be processed, but copied and then processed.

@todo: Create a mechanism to avoid automatic processing