modular audio visualisation powered by JavaScript

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Input / Output

Webcam, NDI and audio input and multi-window output, for displaying on multiple displays.

Audio Analysis

Audio feature analysis provided by Meyda. FFT banding is a thing of the past! Use math expressions and time-domain smoothing to modify the incoming value in real-time. Automatic BPM detection and tap-tempo are also available.

Media Manager

Save and load presets with modV's built-in Media Manager. Create projects to organise modules, presets, images, videos and color palettes!

Versatile Controls

Assign any Module property to an audio feature, MIDI note or CC, or create a Tween to animate the property.

Mixing and Compositing

Route, blend, pipe and control opacity per module and group. Re-arrange modules or groups via drag and drop UI.

Code your own Modules

Use JavaScript's Canvas2D, THREE.js, ISF or GLSL ES 1.0 & 3.0 to create new Modules with hot-reloading.

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Past Workshops
  • Modular Audio Visualisation with modV @ JSConf Mexico - Online.
  • CODAME ART+TECH Festival - Online.
  • Visual & Light Workshop @ Dunarnia - Szentendre, Hungary.

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