# Modules

A Module is an effect or visual source in modV, it draws something to the screen.

There are currently four types of module: 2d, shader, isf and three.

2d uses the CanvasRenderingContext2D (opens new window) API.
shader uses GLSL ES 1.0 or 3.0 via WebGL.
isf uses the Interactive Shader Format (opens new window) via WebGL.
three uses THREE.js via WebGL.

# Using Modules

Modules live in the Module Gallery.
By default, the Module Gallery is in the bottom half of the screen.

Drag a Module from the Module Gallery to a Group to create an active Module.

Once a Module is in a Group, it can be rearranged in a Group or moved between a Group via drag and drop.

Search the Gallery with the Search field at the top of the Gallery.
The Module Gallery can be searched quickly from anywhere in modV with Ctrl/cmd + F.

When selecting a Module, controls appear in the Module Properties panel, top right.
These controls are specific to the selected Module and are adjustable.

To remove a Module from a Group, select it and press backspace.

# Module Settings

# Enable

Turns the Module on or off.

# Alpha

Sets the Alpha of the Module when composited in the Group.

# Blend

Sets the Blend or Composition mode of the Module when composited in the group.

# Bring your own Modules

Add Modules to the Media Folder to have them show up in the Module Gallery.

Modules automatically rebuild and update in modV if edited within the Media Folder.

To learn how to create a Module, see Writing A 2D Module or Writing An ISF Module.